Mafia, cannoli, sun. Probably the three things Sicily is most famous for, worldwide.
Food, family, sun. And more food, family, sun. This is what Sicily means to us.
Even if you have no family business to do here, it will be impossible to escape the food, and the sun.
In Palermo the food it’s literally in every single corner: produce markets, traditional street food (pani ca’ meusa, panelle, arancine), modern junk food, arab-inspired kiosks, fruit stalls and so much more.
And if you think the beach is a safe haven, you clearly never had the Sicilian ultra picnic experience. Why choosing between family lunch and fun time at the beach?
In Sicily, family reunions take a whole new level. And place, on the beach.
Our best advice: do not plan to visit Sicily in summer if you can’t bear the heat, or if you’re on dietary restrictions.
Also, mafia is still a serious business, but it has lost all its “Lucky Luciano” Hollywood sparkle.