Curry it Up!

Mumbai India

 19° 04′ 22 N, 72° 52′ 57 E


  • Stranger & Sons gin
  • “KOKO” herbal liquor
  • Curry leaves

Glass: Old fashioned
Garnish: Curry leaf

About the drink

Everybody loves curry!

What is curry, though?? Anywhere in the world, chicken curry is the most indian dish we can think of, ain’t it?! Yet, in India, people are confused with our definition of curry.

“Curry” as we know it in India goes under the name of “masala”, or mix. Basically, it’s a mix of spices that is used to cook different dishes in their own peculiar preparations (fish masala, chai masala, chicken masala, etc). There’s no standard recipe for masalas, and every family passes down its secrets from one generation to another.

So forget the yellowish powder and embrace the Indian definition of curry: a tree, who’s leaves are used in culinary tradition to season various dishes (the omnipresent poha, for instance) and in ayurveda as traditional remedy.

Get ready to curry it up!